About Us

Hi Guys, this is Eric from “Eric Denny Fun Tours-Zhangjiajie” on TripAdivsor,

Now we have a team of highly recommended tour guides who are fun & friendly offering the best private tours in Zhangjiajie Avatar Mountain & a real authentic travel experience in western Hunan with years of experience. Meanwhile we are all love nature,outdoor activity, food, some are great photographers, and  we speak English well. We have the same understanding of what real travel should be . that’s why we  gather as a group to help all the international travelers to enjoy the amazing Zhangjiajie  Avatar Mountain Tour Area and Xiangxi(western Hunan,China), the place we can not love more in diverse ways.Through our tail-made tours, you will definitely get a real authentic travel experience with more values and secrets of the place,and be introduced to all the beautiful things in the area that’s worth experiencing.
As”Insider of Zhangjiajie”, we all know the stories of this hidden corner of China.
What can be more fun  and right than traveling with locals like us.
So just go with Zhangjiajie Insider, get a key to open the door of Zhangjiajie&Xiangxi in Western Hunan,China. Believe wonderful thing will happen…