3 Day Zhangjiajie Complete Wonder Tour

Tour Introduction:

This wonderful tour offers us a way to appreciate all the highlights of amazing Zhangjiajie.
In these 3 days, we will escape from the old earth to the “Pandora Planet “just like immersing in the movie:Avatar, we will definitely be overwhelmed by the unique view of Avatar Scenery which ’s the main fame of Zhangjiajie.We will be also strongly shocked by another type of spectacularity from a totally different landform at Tianmen Mountain combining great nature and the phenomenal projects that show what Human can best do with ideas,Besides,we will also visit the beautiful surroundings of Zhangjiajie formed by other multiple&attractive resources like Glass Bridge, Minority Park,etc. to feel this small city of big wonders.Moreover, there are (7) World Guinness Records waiting for us to experience in total.For sure, this wisely designed itinerary will promise us a real travel experience both in ways of nature and culture with great tour value.No regret.

Tour feature: Landscape,Sightseeing.Walking.
Fitness level required: **(Moderate)
Time of availability: All the year.

Tour Overview:

Day of Arrival. Nightstay in Wulingyuan Center
Pickup then transfer to hotel in Wulingyuan Center.

Day 1 Nightstay in Wulingyuan Center
Zhangjiajie National Park (Avatar Mountain Scenery)
(Yuanjiajie-Tianzi Mountain-Golden Whip Stream Canyon)
Morning: Meet at the time and location agreed. Then drive to the entrance of Zhangjiajie National Park at Wulingyuan Center.After purchasing the entry ticket, shuttle bus to the world highest ourdoor elevator (326m),then go up by it to Yuanjiajie-The main background of the Avatar Movie to enjoy the amazing view with a walk of 1.5 hours. After that, bus again to Tianzi Mountain area to tour in the widest view of the sandstone peak forest(1h).
Afternoon: Cablecar down to the most beauiful canyon in Zhangjiajie-Golden Whip Stream for a relaxing  hike(2h). viewing the bottom of Avatar World from a different perspective, appreciate a closer experience of nature, if lucky, have fun with monkey.
Or reversed route according to the situation on the day

Day 2 Nightstay in Zhangjiajie Downtown.
(Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge-Tujia Minority Folk Park-Night Optional:Tianmen Fox Fairy)
Morning: Meet at the time and location agreed.Then drive (1h)to the countryside of Zhangjiajie to visit Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon&Glass Bridge.(The tour starts from the top of Grand Canyon by walking on the world longest glass bridge(400m) from the beginning to the end with the elevation of 320m. then go down on cliff plank the the bottom of Grand Canyon.(In the middle, optional to the elevator to the bottom). Then all the way stroll with a stream passing through a wild cave,then end by a boat trip on a beautiful lake to exit. 
Afternoon:Drive(1.5)h to Zhangjiajiedowntown.:Pay a visit to Tujia Minority Folk Park to appreciate the interesting culture of local ,and the world highest stilt wooden house-Nine Layered Sky.
Night:Watch the 1 of 3 best nature-background musical show:Tanmen Fox Fairy(Optional at your own cost: Ticket+Extra transportation)

Day 3 Happy Ending
(Tianmen Mountain–Junsheng Sandstone Art Gallery)
Morning: Meet at time and location agreed, then drive to Tianmen Mountain-The New Legend Of Zhangjiajie, After getting the ticket. we fly for 35minutes with the world longest cablecar(7445m) to the top of Mt.Tianmen, then hike in a loop on the scary cliffpath to see a different spectacularity of Karst Landform and experience the exciting glass skywalks if you dare. when finish the circle. take the world longest escalator in mountain to the world biggest natural hole-(Tianmen)-Heavenly Gate) for a close look. if not afraid of steepness, can walk 999 steps down or escalator again to the bus station, Then experience the last World Guinness Record in Tianmen-The amazing mountain road-the shortest distance has most bends.(11km,99bends.)
Or reversed route according to the situation on the day.
Afternoon:conclude this wonderful tour with being dazzled by an unique art called “sandstone painting” created by a phenomenal local painter: Li Junsheng at his sandstone gallery.

Total Price: 3720CNY/1pax
2320CNY/1pax for 2 ppl’s group
1850CNY/1pax for 3 ppl’s group
1620CNY/1pax for 4 ppl’s group

1 An English Spoken Guide
2 An private vehicle with air-condition&driver
3 Total Expense on all entry ticket for the group
4 Ticket list:Zhangjiajie National Park, Cablecar, Elevator, Tianmen Mountain, Cablecar, shuttle bus, Glass Walk, Escalotor.

Notice On Tranportation:
1 Service starts from arrival pickup to departure dropoff. The price is based on this fixed itinerary, not the one for the whole day use to go anywhere we want. If use it to visit extra spots which is not in the itinerary, need to pay extra for the service.
2 The private transportation we hired is not allowed to enter Zhangjiajie National Park&Mt.Tianmen which offer their own shuttle buses. There are local villager’s vans inside the park,but their cars have no insurance covering if accidents happen, so we choose not to hire,additionally, the price is expensive.
3 In busy tourism season, it may be not the same van to serve us for everyday. The company has a few vans going around at different areas or spots. There nearest one probably will be assigned to offer the private transportation service for us.

1 Hotel ( Book on your own online following the location of each day in the itinerary. In this case, you will have more options to choose to meet your preference.
2 Meal (leave it flexible to make the tour go more efficiently. If want it to be included: 60CNY/1dinner/1pax -(1-2pax Group), 50CNY/1dinner/1pax-(3 and up Group)
3 Supplement on: (Snacks,Drinks,Tips & Other personal expense)

Notice:The price offered is just a reference for your tour budget, Since the tour cost is dependent on a number of factors:(Travel seasons,Festival,Holiday,No.of travelers in your group,Standards of hotel&transportation,etc.) If you are interested in this tour or would like to custumize one based on this itinerary,please Contact Us with your tour requests and preferences to get the current one.Thanks

Notice: Tours in western Hunan,China can be customized from 1-8 days. if you have longer duration, anytime to enquire us for the tours you like.